About SarvaMangal

The beautiful campus of Sarvamangal Arogyadham is set up at the foothill of Mt. Bhujia in an exceptionally pollution free environment. Experiance great peace amidst hundreds of trees with carefree birds like sparrows, doves, pigeons and bulbul singing on their branches.

All this adds to the attunement of the patient to mother nature. As one learns to sink deep into the peace and comfort of the inner spirit, the body and limbs also respond by relaxing to the healing therapies at Sarvamangal Arogyadham.

At SarvaMangal you get the best that Naturopathy has to offer through well qualified doctors, trained therapists, reliable treatment methodology, and courteous staff.We also provide consultancy services to enable our clients design, build, and run good and viable Nature Cure Centers.

We are a healthcare services company focused on treating various medical conditions through use of traditional medicine system. Our Mission is to help people lead healthier lives through use of traditional medical knowledge.

We can do something well only if we understand it. Our knowledge base is limited to Naturopathy, Ayurveda, and Yoga and hence we limit ourselves to these traditional medicine systems.The cheapest and best treatment are give because it is governed by Jain Medical & Educational Trust Charitable Trust so treatment rates at Sarvamangal Arogyadham are kept less so that common people can afford them easily.

What we serve..

Natural Therapies

Nature cure treats phsical,mental,social & spiral aspects all together.The ancient system of rojyog,Hydro reflex,chromo magnet mud,massage,classical music,acupressure chines Medical system Acupunture be used to heal your self,once you enter the Sarvamangal.

Jogging Track

Jogging is similar to walking in that it can be done anytime and anywhere and involves either one person or many. Again, like walking, jogging also conditions the heart, improves your muscle tone and strength, and relieves stress, besides also dealing with osteoporosis, arthritis and heart disease.



Sarvamangal Arogyadham has a number of trained hands,experts and consultants who helps to deal with physical,mental and psycological problem.You can have increased energy, vigour, vitality, longevity and a high standard of health.


The beautiful campus of Sarvamangal Arogyadham is set up at the foothill of Mt. Bhujia in an exceptionally pollution free environment.Accomodation is always subject to prior confirmation which is given after an admiitance request and payment of reapective fees.There are dormitories,special,semispecial,and A.C rooms.


From The Doctors Side

Doctors view for todays World..

In this modern world as a human being you and I face a lot of problems,mentally and physically.The first and foremost place goes to health of the individual more than 90% of people suffer from one or other illness.Because of polluted air,lack of personal hygiene ,lack of exercise,tensions of life,negative thoughts a do many more,we are just neglecting about our precious health.So when we are in good health,how willl be able to keep our health.How can we achieve immunity how can we over come ourselves if we are in such problems asn return to our former state.Naturopathy has proved its importance from centuries.