• Mud Therapy

    Regular supplement of Mud on the body does enhance the earth's magnetic energy on the body,it open the skinpores ajnddo increase the blood circulationto the periphery,which causes good nourishments of the periphral tissues.

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  • Hydro Therapy

    The supplement of water elements applied on the body with varios temperatures to stimulates the thermo receptor of the brain and to get back the body to a level of balance.This water element is applied on different parts of the body,in different ways as packs,baths,underwater massages,underwater exercise etc.

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About Sarva Mangal

Mankind is at the cross road of omenous times. One has to keep pace with the "Modern Life Style" and in doing so, we are gradually distancing ourselves from our ecological mooving and roots. We become easy prey to ailments that threaten the Natural Health of both the body and mind. So keeping that in mind in 1997 we started Kutch Nature Cure Centre "Sarvamangal Arogyadham".

All this adds to the attunement of the patient to mother nature. As one learns to sink deep into the peace and comfort of the inner spirit, the body and limbs also respond by relaxing to the healing therapies at Sarvamangal Arogyadham.

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